Friday, February 15, 2008

A Cacamaka Birthday To You!

Tomorrow is my "sister" Nicole's birthday (I won't tell you how old she is because she just might stretch her hand out and slap me from clear across the country). I thought I would write her a little note to wish her a happy bithday. Sorry if some of this doesn't make sense to you, just use your imaginations and laugh along with the things that sound funny even if you don't know what they are.

I chose to put this picture up because it brings back so many great memories:
- roller blading in the kitchen, or to Karen Schanzenbach's (what were we thinking???) or you trying to skate with a giant box
- our annual "first flood, puddle jumping days"
- Buddy, the only tone deaf dove ever created
- late night talks in our "hallway"
- "Oh-00 say do my boobs..." (Sing along with me, I know you want to)
- our "spontaneous" trip to Oregon and Washington
- being so poor we couldn't even afford to share a Happy Meal
- all the "wild and crazy" New Year's Eve parties we planned. Why didn't we become professional party planners??? Oh yeah, no one showed up.
- leaving microwave popcorn on your wall for 5 years may be a great way to remember that being single is MUCH better than dating Mr. Wrong, but it leaves nasty butter stains on the wall
- "Driving with only one contact is weird"
- grocery shopping with Dad, or in the pantry of any of our "adopt-a-families"
- can't afford a cordless phone? Get a 50 foot cord instead
- Shy-Shy
- Heather, the most intimidating person in the world!
- calling all of our friends to if they could see their feet when they looked straight down
- late night Reno runs
- reading lips through your bedroom window

Remember the first time we met? The cowgirl meets the preppy. How could we have ever guessed that nearly 15 years later we would still be friends. After all I didn't want a friend, I only wanted someone I could stand being roommates with. I'm so thankful God didn't give me what I wanted but what I needed. The Lord used you to minister to me as I went through some of the toughest years of my life. You kept me laughing, and made home a safe place to be. Thank you. You taught me that it's OK to stand up for myself and that PJ's don't always have to match.

You are a faithful friend and I love you dearly. The "Great Divorce" may have ended us being roommates, but it will never end us being sisters. Happy Birthday Co-Co, I wish I could be with you to celebrate. Since it's your birthday I wouldn't even make faces at you if you wanted to eat cheese and mayo! (At least I would try not to)

Love ya bunches,

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Shelly Marie Condon said...

Happy Birthday Co-co!!!!

You are so lucky and blessed to have a wonderful sister like Heather!!!

I hope this blog sparks a wonderful flame in your heart for the memories and the sistership you share with 'Poke'-- I have been touched by the memories that Heather shared and they helped me reflect back through my memories wiht some of my own 'sisters'...