Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Heart's Joy

A couple of weeks ago my nephew David came over and took some fabulous photos of our new family. I absolutely LOVE the pictures and wanted to share them with you. Our little man is growing so fast. He now weighs 9lbs 9 oz and is beginning to interact with us and the things around him. My heart just melts each time he reaches out to hold my finger while I am feeding him - and then when his beautiful blue eyes lock with mine at the same just doesn't get much better!

Here is a video of some of the pictures David took. I put them to Elizabeth Rhyno's song "Hand of God", this is the same song I used for the 3D ultrasound video. This song just so perfectly speaks what my heart feels when I look at Nathan that I wanted to use it once again. I hope you enjoy the video and the music, click on the arrow in the bottom left corner of the video to start it.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Hope Growing

I can't believe that Nathan is a month old already! Everyone tells you that time flies when you have a baby and now I see just how true that statement is! This has been quite a month. I'm not sure that I completely believe that this incredible little boy is ours to love and care for. There is part of me that is waiting for Nathan's parents to come pick him up and then I remember that we are his parents. So here are some updates on Nate's progress this month. Nate is now 9.2 lbs and is transitioning out of his newborn clothes and into 0-3 month sized clothes. He is also transitioning into the next size of diapers. While these are exciting changes it hit me a little hard. I found myself crying in the kitchen when I finally admitted to myself that his newborn diapers and clothes were too small. He's growing up so fast!

Nathan now smiles - it is up for debate as to whether or not these smiles are true smiles or if they are just gas bubbles but I believe they are mainly real smiles. I'm including a couple of pictures Look carefully at the picture with the bottle, he's showing you the "I love you" sign. As far as rolling over goes, Nathan does this more accidently rather than intentionally at this point but that will come soon enough. We are still working on the whole nighttime sleep thing. We have not perfected that yet. My folks are heading back to California tomorrow so it will be just Rob, Nate and I here at the house so we will be starting to work on getting Nathan to sleep in his bed so that Rob and I can sleep at night. We'll see how that goes.