Wednesday, October 01, 2008

No...This is Not a Dream!

You don't need to pinch yourself, or rub your eyes - this is not a mirage, I have in fact blogged! I'll give you a moment to recover from the shock.

So, how do I start this long over due post? I guess I should apologize for being such a delinquent blogger. I've struggled with what to say. I guess in a way I've been overwhelmed by all the changes in life since the last time I wrote anything. Most of you know this but for those that don't we left Maine on Monday, May 19 and arrived in North Carolina on the 20th. I left Maine feeling completely blessed because I was able to spend an incredible weekend at the Women's Prayer Retreat the three days before the move. It was a great weekend alone with the Lord and a fabulous way to spend time with my incredible friends at PIWC (and when I got home on Sunday everything was loaded on the truck so all I had to do was clean up). While there is no way to be completely prepared to leave such close relationships, that weekend away together made it a little bit easier.

When we left on the 19th we officially began our life as a homeless couple. As we drove down to NC the Lord blessed us with a contact for a condo to rent down here and so as I drove through Pennsylvania I called the realtor and arranged to see the place on the 21st. We signed the rental agreement about two hours after looking at the place and moved in on Thursday, May 22. Rob then started work the very next day! Let's just say it was a wild week!! I am so thankful that my friends Mike and Sandra allowed us to stay at their home those couple of homeless nights. Not only was it a blessing to our dwindling bank account, but more importantly it was a blessing to our hearts to spend time with such great friends after over 15 years apart.

One of the things my friends in Maine prayed about while we were at the prayer retreat was fellowship. God has been faithfully providing. As we were preparing for the move I began emailing one of the Admin. Assistants at our church down here and the Lord has used Karen and her husband Robin to bless us over and over. They quickly became our first "couple friends". And Robin helped to occupy my unemployed days with his books (Insert shameless plug here --- Robin Parrish just release the final book in his "Dominion Trilogy" These books were an action packed, twist and turn filled, blast to read. Head to your local bookstore and pick them up. They are available at Christian and mainstream bookstores!) We have, over the weeks/months we've been here made some more friends and are beginning to feel at home here.

Well I know I have not covered everything but I don't want to overwhelm you with EVERYTHING all at once. So I make you this promise; if you will bless me with your presence, I will provide you with something to read on a much, much, much faster basis. Thanks for not giving up on me completely.