Thursday, May 01, 2008


Have you ever been in dead stopped, haven't moved an inch for who knows how long traffic? You know, the kind of traffic that forces you to settle into your seat and try to find a comfy resting position because you know you won't be driving for a long, long, long time?

The funny thing about this kind of traffic is that quite often, usually at the same moment you find that perfectly comfortable "I'm going be at this corner for the rest of my life" position, traffic suddenly moves - it doesn't ease back into forward motion, it gets going at a breakneck speed and you find yourself scrambling to find the gas pedal and to take the car out of park.

That's kind of how life feels right about now, like I'm scrambling to find the gas pedal and gear shift because life just jumped into hyper speed. A couple of months ago Rob and I decided to try to move to North Carolina so we could be near family and a bunch of other reasons that would bore you. When we made the decision the reality of actually making the move seemed a lifetime away, and for those few months things seemed at move at an almost impercievable pace. That all changed on Tuesday. Someone yelled out "REVERSAL" (if this word doesn't mean anything to you check out this post) and all of a sudden we are having to pack up everything we own, find a place to live and say goodbye to some of the best friends we have ever had in a mere 21 days. That's right, you read correctly. Rob and I will be leaving for North Carolina in what is now less than 3 weeks! Breathe - breathe - breathe! (those are reminders for me by the way, I sometimes forget to breathe when I get stressed)

While I am definitely feeling some major stress (which has led to difficulty sleeping and....let's just say intestinal "issues"), I have to say that God has been so faithful through all of this. He has displayed His kindness and provision over and over again. I can't pull all of this together in such a short amount of time, but He can! So when you see me stressing out, remind me of two very important things:
1)To breathe

2)God is good and more than able to take care of all of my concerns.