Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bedtime Hijinks

Wave a white flag to surrender. Fly your flag at half mast to mourn. Hang your flag upside down when you are in distress. But what does it mean when your 16 month old waves his green striped froggy pajama bottoms over the edge of his crib? Is he declaring war on sleep? Calling a truce? Surrendering?

It's definitely not a sign of surrender. That I know for sure. Last night Nathan was in one of his "I'm completely exhausted but not in the mood to sleep" moods. He was nearly asleep in my arms so I laid him down. This is our normal routine, usually resulting in a tear or two but then sleep generally comes in a couple of minutes or so. Sometimes he cries for a while and I go back in to his room to help him calm down again so sleep can take over. When I went back in to his room last night, he was standing quietly at the edge of his crib (not too strange of sight) but then as I looked more closely I realized that he had taken his pants off and was waving them back in forth in front of the bars on his crib. I've not figured out if this was some form of protest? An act of rebellion? Exploration of his interest in becoming an exhibitionist or nudist??? I guess only time will tell.

The good news is that Nathan fell asleep shortly after I got him back into his pants and slept throughout the night. The bad news, he woke up with a nasty cold and has had a runny nose and eyes and has been sneezing all morning long. Poor little guy.

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