Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year

Well we are officially 4 hours into 2009 and here I sit at my computer. Why am I at my computer at 4 AM you ask---can't sleep. I was in bed before 10 and now a mere 6 hours later here I sit.

I wonder what adventures 2009 will have in store. If you had told me this time last year that I would be living in North Carolina I would have laughed in your face. Truth be told, I would have yawned first (since I was sound asleep this time last year) and THEN I would have laughed in your face! And if you had continued with yoru ridiculous tale and told me that I would actually enjoy living in NC, I would have smiled at you in that patronizing "you ignorant child" sort of way and continued to laugh in your face. Yet here I sit in NC, enjoying my church, enjoying my new friendships, enjoying my relocated Maine friendships, enjoying my marriage and enjoying my job. The only thing I'm not enjoying is missing my incredible friends in Maine. Thanks to all of you that stood beside me over our years in "the County," while we may not talk as often, please know that I treasure each and every one of you!

On another note I want to wish my incredible husband a happy 18th anniversary - for those of you madly doing the math wondering how I got an 18th annivery out of a 1999 wedding let me explain. New Year's eve 1990 I walked into the kitchen at my friend Beth's New Year's Eve party and fell in love, for it was there that I saw my husband for the very first time. We both had intentions of leaving this party early to head out to other parties - but our plans changed when we began flirting over a plasma ball (you know, those sphere's filled with lightning) - don't judge, it was very romantic! It took us a while, and we encountered many twists and turns in our relationship, but I am so thankful for you my handsome groom and for the life we have shared together! You are my true love and I praise God for you each and every day.

To all of you I say HAPPY NEW YEAR! May it be a year filled with the Lord's blessings, grace and mercy.


Elizabeth said...

A New Year's update from my beautiful friend!! Happy New Year's to you!! I miss you very much, my dear!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to try to comment again. Last one didn't take for some reason! Happy New Year and Happy Anniversary! Scott and I celebrated our 18th on 12/29 (wedding not first meeting [:)]). Time sure flies... Miss you!

Karen Parrish said...

What a sweet story about you and Rob... and it involved a plasma ball! Even better! Every story with a plasma ball ROCKS!

Let's all get together soon! We miss hanging with you guys!

Anonymous said...

Maybe when I come out in Feb, you will have something to blog about. Where are you????