Saturday, April 12, 2008

American Idol Shocker

When I got to work on Friday I was surrounded by people talking about the "American Idol Shocker" from the night before. You see, when the bottom three were announced, 2 of the 3 contestants were known favorites in the competition. And then, when the person leaving the show was announced, everyone - contestants, judges, audience and TV viewers alike, were stunned. One of the top contestants was leaving.

But when I watched the episode on Friday night, all of that drama was not what shocked me. It was the opening ensemble piece the top 8 performed. Watch and see what amazed me so...


Elizabeth said...

Shocking indeed...except when you consider their consideration that the Christian audience makes up a majority percentage of all music and media sales in the U.S. It's a decent effort at appealing to their audience.

I wonder how many of those singers really thought about what they were singing?

Melissa said...

It was pretty aparent who was being 'worshipped', especially when the 'idols' made their little transition down into the audience. I thought the little spectacle was distasteful/disrespectful.