Saturday, September 29, 2007

Reason #35

For some completely unknown and unexplainable reason I decided to bake yesterday. My friend Melissa and her baby were visiting and while Elizabeth quietly napped, I began my cookie making adventure. Melissa sat at the kitchen table looking through my scrapbooks as I carefully measured and mixed flour, eggs, sugars and other various ingredients. It was a rather "Good Housekeeping" moment I must admit. Once the chocolate chips were added to the mixture I carefully placed globs of dough onto my Pampered Chef baking stones, slid one of them into my pre-heated oven, set the timer and headed into the living room with Melissa to watch the classic 80's Disney cartoon, "The Fox and The Hound." As we enjoyed the start of our movie the house filled with delectible smells from the oven. Our mouths watered as I took the first tray out of the oven and replaced it with my second tray of ready to bake treats.
Several minutes into the baking process a loud cracking sound came from the kitchen. I quickly got up to investigate. This is what I found.

This appears to be a normal stove but look closer.

Can't tell what you are looking at? Let me get a little closer for you.

Yes, that's the door to my stove COMPLETELY shattered! How did this happen? I don't know. Why did it happen? No clue. All I know is that this is Reason #35 I don't cook very often!

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Elizabeth said...

Once again, I think this story is quite funny, but I hope it doesn't discrouage you from cooking in the future!

I like your new template!