Monday, April 02, 2007

A Blast from My Past

Just a few minutes ago I was reunited with one of my earliest friends (I don't want to say oldest friends since this is one of those "big" birthday years for us and, I at least, find myself a little more sensitive to the word "oldest"). Brenna and I met in 2nd grade and were pretty much inseperable. Our families became close friends which made for some fun memories growing up. We have lost track of eachother a few times but every few years or so we find ourselves reunited. Here are a few pictures of us way back when. I have always been blessed by my friendship with Brenna and the rest of the Betcher clan (my "other" family) and am excited to catch up with all of them! Enjoy the pictures-


Elizabeth said...

That bottom picture....I'm pretty sure I had that haircut once too! :)

Anonymous said...

I met her (briefly) about the time you met her. It's strange to see her pictures on the web so many years later. She grew up to be a pretty woman.